Open Mic Night

I don’t remember what it was that brought me to my first Open Mic at Rest Stop Rejuvenate. Why I picked that night, where I saw something about it or what I was doing during the day leading up to it. What I do remember is the warm welcome I received upon arrival. The warm cup of coffee warming my hands. The cookies that melted in my mouth while I sat on a comfy sofa listening to the varied talents of the evenings artists.

That was more than 2 years ago and Open Mic has become a ritual that we look forward to every month. I don’t believe an artist could find a more welcoming, supportive space to share their work, branch out or try something for the first time. The space that Vicky has created seems to call to those gentle souls who really understand what it takes to get on that stage and share a bit of yourself.

If you find yourself looking for something to do. Something that will enrich your soul, fill your creative pot to overflow or just an evening out with nice people-this is the event for you.

Who knows, you may even find yourself on stage.

Blog written by Michele Fawcett of the Rockaway Area Bloggers

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“Possibly the best place in North Jersey to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink,wax poetic, listen to music, take in the healing arts, laugh with friends, sing along or just "be" with the universe! Cozy and intimate, yet BIG in character! If you have not been here yet, you are missing something real special! Get to Rockaway and check it out! Gregory Cilmi”
Gregory Gilmi.



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